Show 3 – How To Make Micro-Stories Work For You. With Trevor Young.

Find out how to make micro-stories something that you can manage and keep the momentum with.

jon burkhart

You Are The Media Podcast. Constant Curiosity With Jon Burkhart.

In this show lets look at curiosity as a centre piece to differentiate.

ian rhodes

You Are The Media Podcast. The Role Of The 2018 Marketer With Ian Rhodes.

Lets look at the role of the modern marketer, with Ian Rhodes and what you need to be thinking about as we approach 2018.

chris marr

Locking Down On Building Your Audience. An Interview With Chris Marr.

Lets look at the importance of building an audience with Chris Marr. Chris shares what he has done with the Content Marketing Academy.

simon swan

Finding That Point Of Difference. An Interview With Simon Swan.

Simon Swan is spearheading a content driven approach for the Met Office. Lets look at having a point of difference to what you do.

jason miller

B2B Marketing Has Been Boring For Way Too Long. An Interview With Jason Miller.

Jason Miller from LinkedIn, shares the importance of why we need to entertain within the B2B space.

To Be Trusted You Have To Act Consistently. An Interview With Sonja Jefferson

Sonja Jefferson is a leading figure of the content marketing discipline in the UK, lets share some knowledge for what you need to do to be a trusted source.

A Defined Voice Can Draw An Audience. An Interview With Mark Schaefer

Lets share some insights with an extremely wise marketing head, Mark Schaefer. Great to have Mark as part of the You Are The Media Conference.

Expanding What You Do, To Create One Giant Picture

If you are investing in the long term, you have to create cues for people, so it becomes easier for them to participate and have that sense of belonging.